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gollage is a collage creation software written in C and GTK+2. It uses ImageMagick for the image handling.

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December 2nd, 2008

December 9th, 2007
November 27th, 2007


The current release is a beta release, but it is stable. It is ready for daily usage, no crashes appears in the tests. No data loss or something similar happens. Nevertheless there can be bugs (especially the memory usage), so be warned.


The usage is very simple. Just start gollage, select some photos from the "Photo" tab. You can select multiple files in the file dialog. After selecting the photos, switch to the "Settings" and set the few settings. If you have more than 36 photos then choose "Whole image" or "Random" as spreading. If there are less than 36 photos then choose "Random", "Middle area" or "Center". This is just a recommendation from my side, you can select the spreading as you want. After setting it, just click "Render". After a while, the preview window will appear, there you have the option to save the image (it will automatically save the image as PNG) or to recompute a new alignment. OtherwiseIf you want to change the background color or other settigns after rendering, click "Cancel", change the color or the specific setting and click "Render" again. It will now render a new image.


You will need:


Download the package from a sourceforge.net-mirror, extract the archive, change to the newly created directory (usually gollage-x.x) and type 
make install (
as root)

Start gollage with

Prebuild packages


Here are some screenshots of gollage. The first shows the main window to adjust the settings, the second screenshot shows the preview window with a generated collage. The third is a real output of gollage.

settings dialog

preview dialog

preview dialog


This is a random summary of things, that I want to implement in further versions:

Known issues

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